Dropboy are looking for a highly qualified React/React Native developer, to join their small team of skilled devs, and together take Dropboy to the next level.

In Dropboy we believe in having a small, super effective squad of top level developers who can deliver tasks end-to-end across all platform, without waiting for dependencies or bureaucracy. We believe in proving our points by code & example rather than inefficient languages like EN || DA.We don’t talk, we code.

See our stack on StackShare.


  • You know what it takes to be a good developer

The type of problems we are solving

  • Route optimization
  • Fleet management, including maps and geolocations
  • Building private and public APIs
  • Working with large sets of data and making stuff scale
  • Bugs
  • Coffee


  • At least 7 years coding experience
  • At least 3 years experience with ReactRedux, NodeJS and MongoDB
  • At least 1 year experience with React Native
  • Ruthless problem solver
  • Independent, but a team player


When applying, please explain how would you solve the following issue:

RN app, using redux-persist. You have the following reducer:

const rootReducer = combineReducers({   geolocation: geolocationReducer,   trips: tripsReduce,   services: servicesReducer)}

The app seem to respond very slowly when opening the trips list view.

After debugging you realize the trips collection is humongous. Every time you navigate to the trips list view it only updates one flag within this collection, the rest stays intact. This single update seems to take way too long.

How do you speed it up?

More info

We are based at The Camp, with paid lunch, free coffee, tennis & foosball tables, annual parties, and more.

Additional information

The Danish recruitment agency is taking care of the recruitment process. Please contact Kenneth Oldenburg at or + 45 29 72 74 64 if you have further questions or would like to apply for the position.

We are reviewing applications as they come until we find a match. If you are interested – apply asap.

Your recruiter

Kenneth Oldenburg